Our designers explore the products, styles and innovations that can inspire or create your dream kitchen or bathroom.

Turn your bathroom into a Smart Spa

A smart revolution is sweeping the globe, with millions of people adopting clever tech that can make daily life a little simpler. Smart technology often takes our most used everyday items then reimagines them to save us time and energy.
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What Is Smart Connectivity?

The future has arrived and it’s knocking on your front door. Home Connect brings smart technology to your appliances and lets you control them with your phone or tablet.
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Loving Summer Living

Everyone loves the summer. That warm sun-kissed inner glow; the scented flowers blooming; the long, relaxed evenings; chilled garden entertaining and the smell of cut grass. But how can we deliver ‘summer’ into our kitchen design?
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Dreaming of your perfect spa space

What’s so special about a sink? Common conception is that all basins are white porcelain but oh how times have changed. Is there much choice in the market? Yes, absolutely loads of choice of colour, material and even texture. If you are thinking of changing your cloakroom, family bathroom or wet room then let us surprise and delight you.
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Staycation – Loving your home space

2020 may have been a total holiday write off and with 2021 slowly getting back to a different version of normal, now more than ever is the time to spend on your home environment. Making utilitarian rooms work harder to become favourite spaces.
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