Turn your bathroom into a Smart Spa

A smart revolution is sweeping the globe, with millions of people adopting clever tech that can make daily life a little simpler. Smart technology often takes our most used everyday items then reimagines them to save us time and energy.

Turn your bathroom into a Smart Spa

Feeling worn out on the way home, use your smart phone to turn your hot water on, warm up your underfloor heating and fill up your bath ready to have a gorgeous soak and let the stress of the day melt away.

One question that is often asked is,-: “Why does my bathroom have to be intelligent? And how would that benefit me?”

What are the advantages of voice control?

  • Changing simple tasks into pure luxury
  • A new quality of life for disadvantaged homeowners
  • Being able to control appliances when you have your hands full
  • Post pandemic – new hygienic way
  • Reduced use of water – economy savings

The highlights are without doubt saving water, safety first, increased hygiene and entertainment in the bathroom – now you can find all this and more with Dimension. We have a whole host of suppliers that are offering revolutionary products to make all of our lives easier.

The pandemic has changed the way we live and maybe now is the time to future proof our bathrooms and change our habits.

The pandemic has changed the way we live and maybe now is the time to future proof our bathrooms and change our habits. The smart toilet that pre-warms the seat and flushes at a spoken command. On the one hand, this is a pleasant luxury, but on the other hand it can restore to those of us with physical disabilities, a little bit of quality of life. A voice command is all it takes to run a bubble bath. The showering system can be fed with various settings. In the morning, a simple “Start my morning shower” command can mean the perfect start to the day. The system then provides the individual mix of hot water, steam, light and music or preset sea sounds.

Isn’t it frustrating when you get out of the bathtub or shower, only to find your mirror is completely steamed up?

Not anymore with the vast range of LED mirrors with demisters on the market. Not only do we offer our wealth of knowledge with these clever mirrors but we can guide you to the best cost effective solution for you. If budget is no issue, then there are mirrors that have Bluetooth connection allowing you to play your music through their speakers, change ambient lighting, charge your phone and even watch TV.

Whilst relaxing in your hot soapy bath, why not watch your favourite film via your TV mirror or catch up on the mornings news whilst you have your energising morning shower.

Proofvision have a brilliant range of Waterproof Smart or RS232 Televisions suitable for showers, bathrooms and even outdoors. These have a slim sleek profile, embedded into the wall and come in white, black or mirrored. The heated LED screen prevents misting and powerful vibration speakers provide the final touch to the ultimate home spa experience.

Using an Android operating system, you can connect to the internet and use popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iplayer to watch your favourite shows. An ariel can also be connected to access Freeview (HD) or a HDMI port can be used for Sky/Virgin.

With limited home spaces being used more for home working and studying from home, there has been an increase in home improvements from transforming bathrooms to a home spa and place of relaxation, to creating an outdoor living room with Proofvision outdoor TVS.

There have been so many advancements with smart connectivity within the Bathroom sector, it really is amazing what is on offer now.

Let’s talk Loos

Smart toilets are already popular in countries such as Japan, but the western world has been slower on the update.

Unlike some other smart gadgets, a smart toilet isn’t just a fad – it can improve hygiene for the whole family. Imagine using the toilet without ever needing to touch a lid, seat or flush handle. Some models will flip the seat and lid automatically, reduce your toilet paper consumption by including a budget wand, and flush the bowl for you.

But if this is one stage too far then a wall mounted soft close toilet is a good compromise, which is hygienic (by being able to clean underneath) and having a hidden cistern boxed beneath tiles, creating the illusion of added space coupled with a smart sensor flush plate – means no need to touch when you want to flush.

Post Pandemic: washing our hands without touching anything.

Introducing movement infared sensors within our taps puts an end to germ-ridden accessories. The sensor knows when your hands are under the tap, and automatically starts the water flowing. The chosen temperature is set in advance, in the settings. Gone are the days when the water kept on running while you dashed off to answer the door or phone. No hands under the tap – no water out of the tap.

Are you a shower crooner? Singing in the shower can be uplifting first thing in the morning, but now, we have shower heads that not only that display the most ambient colour lighting but have built-in wireless speakers that connects to your device using Bluetooth.

Arteform have incredibly beautiful and inspirational showerheads that brings the Spa into your home, with features such as Jets, rain, blade, tropical and atomizing spray. The chrome square or circular design ensures that you have a full tropical rainforest immersion experience. Chromotherapy and aromatherapy with built-in diffuser. It also boasts a touch display with electronic diverter to control.

At Dimension’s showroom, we have a fully operational spa display. So, if you wanted to see for yourself how this amazing shower works then, just pop in.

Underfloor heating – turn it on via the ‘Smart App’, so it is lovely and toasty when you get home.

Tempted by the Spa experience?

Create your own wellness oasis with our simple suggestions. Choose a bath that suits you and your family’s needs, there are so many shapes and clever designs that we can guide you through then add Viega’s brilliant technology to create your very own SMART bath.

Currently the Viega Multiplex E3 system can be programmed and operated via a dedicated webpage from your PC, phone or tablet, connected via your regular home router. However, Viega are considering the use of an app to deliver the next level of user functionality, that will allow you to command the Viega Multiplex system directly from your smart phone or home device, creating a really ‘WOW’ bathing experience.

And after that? It’s only a small step to adding voice control, that is already familiar technology in the home.

 “Fill up my bath now with 130 litres of water at 45.5 degrees Celsius, please”

This may sound one step too far but for new mums, it will be a convenient and safe way to have a hands-free bath run at the perfect temperature whilst holding the baby. For the busy homeowner, the Multiplex can be programmed to your exact requirements, so running the perfect temperature and quantity is easy.

Why not future-proof your bathroom now?

‘We’re here to help you’.

Every home is different, as is your desire for your perfect bathroom. Our highly experienced team will be happy to visit your home and provide you with a free consultation and explore what is achievable with a multitude of choices and ideas.

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