From bold colours to statement pieces, discover your extrovert side with our expert advice. Maximalism is one of the biggest home interior design trends to come out of 2021 and into 2022.

Express your style

From bold colours to statement pieces, discover your extrovert side with our expert advice. Maximalism is one of the biggest home interior design trends to come out of 2021 and into 2022.

Now’s the time to stamp your mark on your home, in this BLOG, we look particularly at the kitchen and bathrooms spaces.

What is Maximalism?

In the arts, maximalism, a reaction against minimalism, is an aesthetic of excess. The philosophy can be summarized as ‘more is more’, contrasting with minimalist motto ‘less is more’.

What was once a category of music, visual art and literature has now expanded into the world of interior design. Maximalism is all about bold prints, vivid hues and deluxe decorations. It promotes repetition, patterns, bold palettes, intricate graphic details and one-of-a-kind possessions. Think opulent glamour emphasized by lavish gold accessories. Silhouette and botantical motifs are taking over from the rigorous, simple lines and muted tones. With the new exciting colours palettes being developed by our suppliers, we can offer even more choice.

Create Impact with texture and tone

Maximalist style was a reaction to the minimalist movement and has aspects and elements that are practically the polar opposite to minimalist components. When it comes to décor, the bigger, brighter and busier the better. Let your room, bloom with layers of texture, print, colour and meaningful objects.

Maximalism is, in a way much more personal than minimalism.

My recommendation is to start with the furniture, this needs to be functional but doesn’t need to be boring. Choose a colour that excites you and even better choose one with a texture. Then think flooring and wall coverings to create interesting pattern, can these contrast but yet work together to create a story. Plants play a huge role too, choose specimens that create flow and movement. These living works of art are very important in the bathroom and kitchen, they have a duel purpose, not only to look aesthetically pleasing but gives you a feeling of well-being with the oxygen that they produce. Next is layering the accessories, you don’t want to clutter but a few pieces of well chosen, colour popping pieces really bring the whole room alive.

So how do we achieve a Maximalist look?

Maximalist Interiors will often have a starting piece that dictates the whole scheme. Once you have found that one item that you LOVE – whether it’s a piece of artwork, cushion or even a Pinterest or Instagram picture – then flow the colours from this into other elements of the room.

The key to maximalism is that there really are no rules – it celebrates a freedom of self-expression and the joy of an interior filled with colour, pattern and life.


The secret is to work in a cohesive palette. By co-ordinating colours you’ll bring a sense of harmony to a room, which is so important.

When it comes to identifying a maximalist space, these are some key characteristics:

  • Layering
  • Repetitive patterns in prints such as florals, abstract and animal prints
  • Rich bold colours
  • Mixing and matching of textures and colours
  • Multiples of items (Kitchen: recipe books, storage jars and interesting dishes. Bathroom: soap, handwash, conditioner, candles, jars of cotton wool pads, diffusers)
  • Blending of styles, often classic, eclectic and boho




Order lots of samples of fabric and paint swatches to see which combinations work best for you to create that ‘wow’ factor.

Artelinea have done the hard work for you, they currently offer three floral motifs patterns: Calypso, Garden and Cherry. They have just developed and launched two brand new retro abstract designs within their ‘Glass and Paper’ collection called ‘R.Evolution’ and ‘Mesh’.

The idea is to use the same motif for the wall covering, for the tops and for the doors of the cabinets to give continuity to the proposed solution.

Mix these with a contrasting textured floor tile or even add warth with a rug picking out a tone or colour. Use accessories to add to the mix of colours – going for a popping yellow with ‘cherry’ or deep purple with ‘Calyso’ or a shimming turquoise with ‘Garden’ to make the colour palette flow.

For more information, we would be happy to help with any questions that you may have or visit their website. 

Maximalism is, in a way, much more personal than minimalism. People are not one thing; they are complicated and complex and multifaceted – and maximalist décor expresses that.

Maximalists courageously douse their homes in colour and pattern, preferring warm inviting nooks over stark spaces. So let the colour palette go mad, have you always loved deep turquoise then how about choosing a luxurious velvet for the barstools, compliment with a beautiful green Pronorm units, choose a deep warm stone tile floor and go for a textural tile in an interesting pattern for the splash back. Choose a shelving system from Pronorm that has a duel inner colour and use coloured glass to divide areas adding interest and tone.

So, what can we learn from this, well, this style allows your personality and experiences to shine through much more easily than in a minimalist space. Don’t be afraid of colour, instead embrace it and let us show you all the possibilities available right now.

Look for the details

Small details of colours in contrasting tones can add so much to a design, for a luxurious feel, how about going for copper tones in the boiling water tap, antique copper in the handles matched with rusty copper pendant lights over the island in the kitchen. However, in the bathroom, go for gold fittings and highly decorative tiles creating a funky bespoke pattern.

Maximalism style is a feast for the eyes, and the eye should be trained to dance around the room and take in all of the interest in doses. By focusing on balance this ‘dance’ can be achieved.

Forget ‘less is more’ but now ‘more is more’.

As we have spent more time than ever in our homes, we have found that we need more stimulation from our spaces – it’s time to go to town with colour and pattern.

Your home should reflect you, and what you love and that’s what maximal homes are packed of. It’s your space and your sanctuary, so don’t create the space for other people – create it for you.

But the key to mastering maximalism is creating a space that doesn’t feel too overwhelming – and yes, it definitely is possible to achieve the best of both worlds.

‘We’re here to help you’.

To learn more, contact us today and speak with an interior design professional who can answer any questions you might have.

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