Staycation – Loving your home space

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2020 may have been a total holiday write off and with 2021 slowly getting back to a different version of normal, now more than ever is the time to spend on your home environment. Making utilitarian rooms work harder to become favourite spaces.

Staycation – Loving your home space

Stay-at-home orders have undoubtedly left many of us stir-crazy and more in need of time away from our routines and day-to-day responsibilities than ever.

The Covid crisis has set off a staycation boom worth £7billion to the shattered travel industry as millions decide to holiday in the UK. Hotels, holiday parks and campsites are reporting record interest following the ban on trips abroad. Families who usually head to Spain, Portugal or Greece are eyeing up alternative, unique experiences.

‘We are so incredibly lucky to live in this country so let’s recognise that, celebrate the fact and holiday here in the UK.’

Many have rushed to take advantage of Covid cancellation policies, which allow advance bookings with peace-of-mind full refunds if travel is ruled out. Plus, taking a staycation may be a safer option than your usual getaway, since air travel is still being monitored, and cities are at different phases of reopening their economies.

‘Staycations are becoming a much bigger thing as people are not spending money on a big family holiday abroad so are looking for ways to make their home environment better.’

It’s especially important to find opportunities to “get away” right now — at least away from our usual routines and the potential stress of day-to-day life. After all, our homes have been working double- or even triple-duty as offices, nurseries, schools, and gyms for the past year. You may find yourself associating your home spaces with chores, stress, and work deadlines. Injecting some fun and relaxation into your home is the perfect way to dial back some of those negative associations and make your home feel like home again.

Covid-19 – Is this what the office of the future will look like?

For those fortunate ones with designated home offices, the rest of us are sharing kitchen tables and desk space with partners and children who are home-schooled. Perching laptops from our beds, sofa arms and bathroom shelves…finding a suitable space can be quite tricky.

Now that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine programme rolling out, how will your working life change? Will we go back to the 9-5 office environment travelling up and down the country or will you choose a healthy balance of 3 days home working and 2 days office bound?

There is a new push for employers to pay a ‘remote home office fund’, which would give employees the chance to buy a suitable ergonomic chair and desk, costs towards computer, phone bill and internet payments.

‘Making sure that working staff are comfortable and productive working from home’.

Working at home maybe here to stay, and more widely accepted than ever. But what should these reconfigured home workspaces look like?

Since coronavirus lockdown forced workers to take their jobs home, the home office has once again become a much-coveted feature of modern living.

Is your make-shift office desk, the best location for you? Can we help? Although bathrooms and kitchens are our speciality, we can design a home-office in a corner or under-stairs under-used area or even design it to work within your kitchen or lounge space. In the image below, we focus on our Pronorm units to create a ‘hiding’ area. In this image we are focusing on the area being a kitchen feature, but this could easily be a home office with desk and stool combination. Call us now for inspiration.

‘Is now the time to use the ‘holiday fund’ to make your home YOUR perfect space?’

While you may not be able to match a relaxing island getaway or a couple’s trip to Paris, you can do the next best thing: Turn your home-office-gym-school into a self-care haven.

Is it time to upgrade that bathroom?

How about the kitchen that you have always dreamed of?

‘Whilst interest rates are so low, saving for saving sake seems fruitless but reinvesting in your home, can only bring financial benefit.’

We’re here to help you

If we can help you with inspiration to improve your home, whether it is for that dream kitchen, heavenly spa bathroom or just a better use of space to create your home-working set up, then please drop us a line…we would love to hear from you.

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