Dreaming of your perfect spa space

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What’s so special about a sink? Common conception is that all basins are white porcelain but oh how times have changed. Is there much choice in the market? Yes, absolutely loads of choice of colour, material and even texture. If you are thinking of changing your cloakroom, family bathroom or wet room then let us surprise and delight you.

Dreaming of your perfect spa space

We look at the up-and-coming trends from Europe, which as expected Italy is charging ahead with innovative and colourful creations. It is no secret that most Italians have an inherent eye for good design, and Italian love for home is second to none. Take these two and combine them, and what you get is the essence of Italian interior design. Most Italian designers today, whether fans of classic designs or followers of edgy chic, design living spaces with lots of light and air in mind.

Artelinea is the market leader of high quality bathroom furnishings focusing on environmentally friendly design which are both recyclable and hygienic. One thing that we can learn from the Italians in ‘Less is more’ by that we mean that if you are looking to redesign your bathroom, then in order to have clean lines and space, clever storage is required to hide the bathroom clutter and restore inner peace into your sanctuary. Artelinea not only produce gorgeous state-of-the-art basins but beautifully designed base units, mirrors and tiles. It is well worth checking out their products and see if you can draw inspiration from their website.

Artelinea produce ground-breaking designs in Crystal, Opalite, Ceramilux, Ceramic, Cristalplant, Wood and Dualite for their sinks. Which material and product will be right for you and your family?

We all understand what ‘Wood’ is
but what about these other products?

Crystal is a special glass that has been coloured via a thermo fusion process.

Opalite glass is a material composed of silicon sand and other noble minerals which make it similar to the glass paste.

Ceramilux is a material made of natural mineral charges (calcium carbonate and aluminium trihydrate) and polyester resin. The gel coat film covering the material surface is polyester acrylate which makes it possible to obtain excellent resistance features.

Ceramics are made from clay and composed of aluminium silicate mixed with sand.

Cristalplant is a technologically advanced, unique and exclusive composite material composed of a high percentage of natural minerals (ATH derived from bauxite) and a low percentage of polyester and high-purity acrylic polymers.

Dualite is a laminated safety crystal that doubles the technical potentialities and the expressiveness of glass. Dualite unites two coloured sheets of glass in a single element which is extremely adaptable and extremely safe.

‘Beautiful curves or sharp edges; free standing or integrated the choice is endless.’



Beautiful shapes, hard-wearing products and transforming colours

Cutting edge design brings to life such an array of possibilities. We can also learn from Italian design that ‘bringing the outside in’ is a key element in their design. Artelinea has created a new collection of designs that does exactly that, focusing on organic patterns. ‘Calypso, Garden and Cherry’ are three collections with the idea to use the same motif for the wall covering, for the sink tops and for the doors of the cabinets to give continuity to the proposed solution.

‘Bring the outside in…’



Brand New

Fluted Glass available in Monolite and Kimono collections

In the next couple of months we will be creating our new display area of Kimono fluted in shimmering deep blue, why not pop in and see for yourself the beauty that is Artelinea.

Wait…..There is just one more amazing new company worth talking about and they are not Italian but right here from England….

Concrete conjures up images of industrial dull grey but expect to be wowed by the colour combinations and moulded shapes of an amazing company in the UK based in Nottingham, that is pioneering a cutting-edge product made of liquid stone called KAST. They produce beautiful statement basins that push the boundaries of design. From simple monolithic forms to refined contours and patterned surfaces, their ever-growing product range sets a precedent for what can be achieved with this material. See for yourself the tactile textures created.

Make your next sink a real statement piece, whether your space is just a small cloakroom or a large luxurious family bathroom. We are here to guide you through the whole process.

‘We’re here to help you’.

If you would like to know more or just see the products in the flesh, then at the Blackminster Showroom we have fifteen breath-taking display areas and a wonderful selection of colour samples. Call us today to arrange your visit.

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